ST.George's Jeyaraj Chelladurai
college of arts and science for women


The Anglican Church of India (Madurai Region in Tamil Nadu of South India) was formed in March 1997.

After the Church was formed, it came to be felt that the church should respond to the growing needs of the larger community as well as those within its fold by engaging itself in the field of higher education, with Christian commitment and zeal. Accordingly, the Anglican Church Services Society was formed to promote the education objectives. At this juncture Sri Jeyaraj Chelladurai, Secretary of Jeyaraj Chelladurai Trust came forward with a generous donation of Rs.20,00,000 to help in the starting of a self-financing college for women in Madurai.

After obtaining due recognition from the government and affiliation with the University and also creating an endowment of Rs.20,00,000 with the government, the college named as St. George’s Jeyaraj Chelladurai College of Arts and Science for women started functioning from August 1998.

The churches which sponsor this college have been originally engaged in ministries for more than 100 years among the poor, handicapped and people afflicted by leprosy and now entering the field of education for women in Madurai region. This college is a non profit institution, established and run with the sole purpose of helping the women to stand on their own feet and make their position in the society more secure and meaningful.